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Producing and designing multiple events for the same brand always keeps us on our toes and gives us the opportunity to bring our A-game. With each event we bring something new, fresh and innovative to the table so that the brand shines in a new way. Partnering with the La Roche-Posay team is always a […]

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Curated activations, lush florals, intentionally designed details – that is what guests experienced when they stepped foot into Casita Hollywood for the Boxy Charm influencer event in October. The brand tapped Savvy Events to execute the design and logistics of the event which boasted over 100 of Los Angeles influencer royalty. The beauty subscription box […]

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The Savvy Events team and the pleasure of designing a screening reception for the fitness brand, Orangetheory Fitness. The event took place at the iconic and recently renovated Directors Guild of America Theatre in Los Angeles. According to PR Newswire, The film spotlights Orangetheory Fitness Founder Ellen Latham, weaving her inspiring story with those of Coach Joe […]

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Dope Mailers

From the team that brought you the viral Bel-air box that had all the celebrities buzzing.

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Each event serves a unique purpose and aims to reach its audience through different means. Many events go for shock value with jaw-dropping aesthetics with the brand and product front and center. Others take a technical approach in the form of a large networking or conference event with the intent of disseminating information. The sweet […]

Event Planning vs. Event Strategy & Why You Need Both

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It’s hard to believe, but 2018 is right around the corner! When budgeting for the next fiscal year, it’s important to consider any corporate events you might wish to employ as part of your marketing strategy. Leaving room in the budget for events should be a key part of your financial plan for the new […]

4 Considerations When Budgeting For Your 2018 Events

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Happy Monday! We initially were going to title this blog, “It’s all about the Benjamins” because, well, that’s the purpose of crafting a winning event budget. After some reflection, however, we thought we’d keep things a bit more professional and simply provide you with tips for creating a successful event budget. Although talking about money […]

Tips for Creating A Successful Event Budget

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