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May 30, 2017


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If you’re like many of our client’s, you want to create buzz at your next influencer event. Marketers and brands go out of their way to identify, reach, and wow potential influencers for the purpose of gaining exposure and brand recognition. When this is done correctly, tangible results are produced in sales and impact overall brand exposure. Studies have shown that 19% of a consumer’s media consumption in totality is made up of influencer marketing. So, to ensure your brand wow’s the influencers at your next event, consider the following:


There are a myriad of ways to infuse custom messaging directed at your influencers so that they feel important and valued. Once you have identified an influencer who will be perfect for your brand, consider personalizing all pre-event, event-day, and post-event details.

At Savvy, we’re all about creating an experience at influencer events. The first peek into your event that your invited guests receive is the invitation. When sending out invitations to your next event, don’t make them cookie cutter, you have to remember that influencers are extended invitations to events on a daily basis – sending out a basic invitation is not going to get their attention. Allow your brand to shine from the moment they open their mailbox. 

Take a peek at these gorgeous invites designed for our client’s launch event.


Designed by: Calligraphy Nerd


Don’t skimp on the design aesthetic of your event. Yes, always consider your budget, but ensure that you are setting a realistic budget from the start (we recently posted a blog regarding this). Your budget should encompass the elements necessary for an amazing event experience. Some key elements to consider are:

  • Design + Decor
  • Rentals
  • Branding
  • Food & Beverage
  • Activities (photo booth, illustrator, caricature, henna, etc.)
  • Entertainment (do something outside of the box, this goes back to customization)

This is your opportunity to put your brand’s best foot forward – when influencer’s step into the room they should know that effort was put into ensuring the event experience is one they won’t soon forget.


Whether you’re inviting influencers to an intimate brunch or a weekend getaway, be bold with every element of the event design + branding + experience. Remember, you’re not throwing a company picnic where everyone is already 100% familiar with your brand, you’re attempting to cultivate relationships with people you want to advocate for your brand.

If you’re gifting them with product, it’s important to ensure that your product packaging is on point since it has to convey your brand’s message while also catching the eye of the influencer you are eyeing. It’s clear knowledge that influencers receive multiple PR packages weekly so making yours stand out in a big way is important.

Here is an image from an intimate influencer brunch our team produced.


Flowers by ES Blooms


It’s important to continue cultivating your brand’s relationship with your influencers even after the event. Reach out to share professional images from the event and thank them for taking the time to come. Ask them how they enjoyed the products. When you’re building a relationship you want to make sure you’re consistent with putting your best foot forward. If they have reached a milestone where their subscriber count in Instagram or YouTube is concerned, send a branded gift and congratulatory message! Staying on top of your influencers will basically be an advantage to you and your event mainly because they will reciprocate tenfold by not only being a loyal customer but a real marketing asset where your brand is concerned.

We hope you found these tips beneficial. Be sure to get in touch if you need assistance with producing your next influencer event!

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  1. Rachel Rice says:

    This is brilliant!!! I agree wholeheartedly that being sure not to skimp on things and “quality over quantity” is so important! There have been moments I wanted to skimp on things to save on money but that doesn’t help my brand aesthetic and it does not communicate the appropriate message to my clients. Besides, if I’m not willing to invest in myself, why would anyone else be willing to invest in me? The bold part is also so important, it’s so important to be memorable in a sea of lookalikes that exist in our industry! And follow up follow up follow up!!! The only vendors I refer are the ones who stay constantly in my peripheral. If I can’t say your full name and company name when prompted, you’r not in my immediate memory and I’m not likely to refer you as a vendor or a VIP in the industry! 

  2. Rachel Rice says:

    YES!!! The skimping part is so important. If you don’t value your business and express a certain level of quality why would you expect anyone else to? As for the being bold part, why would anyone invest in you if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself? Follow up is also SO important. if I can’t tell you someones name and business name when prompted, that means they aren’t memorable and aren’t someone that has done a good job in following up! 

  3. Ok those invitations were off-the-hook! (do people still say that haha?). Great tips all around. I don’t really do corporate events but these could also apply to anyone doing a styled shoot that will get the attention of the influencers, right?

  4. Lindsay says:

    These tips are all so helpful! I love the invitation that you shared, it’s so bold and makes a great statement!

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