5 Ways Your Brand Can Show Gratitude This Holiday Season




November 21, 2017


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As 2017 draws to a close, your company likely has a lot to think about–holiday sales, end-of-year events, 2018 fiscal year projections, and more! Don’t let the holidays wrap up, however, without taking a moment to show gratitude–to your event partners, staff, past event attendees, and marketing partners.

Here are five great ways to show the people who help bring your events to life and keep your brand vibrant that you appreciate them.

  1. Say thank you

It may seem obvious, but a simple thank you can go a long way. A handwritten thank-you note to past event attendees or partners keeps your brand top-of-mind and also reminds them of why they like your company in the first place. A phone call to thank certain individuals may also feel appropriate depending on your relationship.

  1. Offer discounts for future programs

A thank you with a subtle marketing twist, offering discounts for future programs not only illustrates your gratitude but also helps to fill the guest list for next year’s events. For particularly regular attendees or influencers, you might even consider offering a free ticket or plus one to a program you’re planning in the future. This will encourage repeat, loyal attendees and new guests who trust the judgment of your regulars.

  1. Donate to a local charity

Giving back is huge, and showing that you’re a brand who cares helps to remind those you work with why they appreciate you. Donate to charity, perhaps even in the name of a favorite event partner company. Donations are often tax-deductible, so be sure to pass any donation information along to your tax professional.

  1. Give a gift

Giving past attendees, staff, or event partners a tangible token of your appreciation around the holidays is a great way to let them know you care. If you’ve just launched a new product line, a sample makes a wonderful gift! Old standbys like chocolate or candy and fruit baskets are also safe bets. If possible, tuck a handwritten note in with the gift to say thanks.

  1. Celebrate together

You’re probably already having a holiday party of some kind for your staff. Consider inviting event partners or loyal attendees to drop by during a designated hour of the party for a toast and a holiday favor. Face-to-face time is great to enjoy the holidays together and remind you all why you love working together.

However you choose to show your gratitude, we hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season surrounded by friends and family!

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