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April 16, 2019


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What does 8 weeks of planning, over 100 phone calls to venues, 1,000 emails, endless Slack and Asiana messages/tasks get you?

One epic 3-day event!  

When we were selected as the conference producer for the 1K1Day Live Conference with Nicole Walters we were seriously excited for the opportunity to work with Nicole’s brand. When we learned that the event was taking place in Atlanta, GA,  such a vibrant city with so much history and culture we were happy to get out of our LA bubble to produce such an intentional and relevant event experience for Nicole’s tribe.

We thrive on short deadlines.

The 8-week lead time for the 350 person conference didn’t scare us, it excited us and gave us the extra drive to bring our A-game to get the job done.

We settled on a venue just outside of Atlanta to host the event and although there were more than a few bumps in the road during the planning process (welcome to the world of live events), everything turned out amazing.

Take a peek at this photos captured by LaJoy Photography.


Closing VIP Brunch 

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