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January 11, 2023


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A few years ago, during the pandemic when everyone was spending their days binging the most popular shows, a star was born in the form of a reality dating show. Love is Blind, a one-of-a-kind social experiment captured the hearts of romantics everywhere (and the hearts of their unassuming partners who are obliged to watch with them on date night). 

Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the show gives 15 women and 15 men the opportunity to “date” to find their perfect match, with an end goal of engagement. But there’s a catch, of course. All of it is done without the couples seeing each other. The goal is to prove that love is truly blind. Over the years, there have been a handful of success stories and a whole lot of followers gained as viewers fall in love with these love stories!

For the launch of Love is Blind Season 3, Netflix came to us to create luxury press mailers to help them celebrate the premiere with influencers, partners, and friends.

The Inspiration Behind the Creative Mailer

When we got to conceptualizing the boxes, we knew immediately what we wanted to do. 

We wanted to re-create “The Pods.” 

The Pods are the rooms in which the couples date on the show. They’re specially created with lighting and cozy vibes so that the participants can chat comfortably for hours on end. But of course, there’s a wall between them. One of the unique features of the pods is that the ceilings are made of glass. This way, while filming, they can capture that bird’s eye view of the experience to share on the show. We knew this was the perfect foundation for a creative mailer that would surprise and delight.

So, with this in mind, we got to work!

The Pods Brought to Life

Our mailer boxes were the epitome of the pods in mailer form! 

The box was the same iconic octagonal shape with a clear glass top that also served as a perfect tabletop for the contents inside. Inside the box, we had a cushy foam insert with the show’s logo to protect the glass top and the special surprise we were keeping safe. And, of course, a marketing insert to share what was going to be happening this season.

Once the foam insert was removed, recipients uncovered an elegant gold bottle of French-favorite Tsarine Cuvee Adriana Brut Champagne and a duo of the show’s famous gold goblets (aka wine glasses) that appear in nearly every scene. 

A perfect setup for a binge-worthy evening in!

Date Night, Served. What’s Next?

We know there were a lot of cozy watch parties with these boxes, and we were so thrilled to put them together. The unique opportunity to blend elements of the show with live experiences for viewers to feel a part of the journey is our jam. 

Do you have a mailer project you want to captivate your recipients with while promoting an upcoming premiere or launch? Let’s chat about how we can take your creative mailer to the next level.

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