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March 23, 2016


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Happy Wednesday, friends!

Lighting is one of my absolute favorite design elements. When used correctly, it can enhance and completely transform a space. If you are working with a raw space and want to add flavor and truly put your mark on it, there are several elements that your designer can incorporate into your overall event design, but lighting is such an effective way to create an instant experience for guests. It’s the wow moment your guests experience from the moment the ballroom doors open. Yes, they’ll notice your over the top florals, beautiful room layout and textiles, but the lighting is all encompassing.

Below are some of my favorite room transformations designed for our amazing Savvy clients.


Photo credit: CC Street Studio


Photo credit: CC Street Studio

Mia's Sweet 16-6_EDIT

Photo credit: Nicole Lennox


Photo credit: Christopher Jason Studios

Ossie Shackelfold's 75th Birthday-0154

Photo credit: Nicole Lennox

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