How 1 Month In The Gym Shifted My Mindset




August 31, 2018


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Mindset seems to be the hot word for 2018. Everyone is talking about it, so much so that it can often sound cliche. Truly shifting your mindset is more than saying fluffy words, it takes targeted and concise action, it’s a daily, if not minute by minute practice.

In mid-July, I set the intention to get serious about my health. As a Los Angeles event planner, I’m often on my feet for an absurd amount of hours on event days. I work in a high-stress, high-pressure industry and if I’m not intentional about it – my health can and has suffered. I attribute a great deal of the anxiety I experienced last year and earlier this year to poor health. I decided that I was ready to take control of my life and by doing so, I had to take control of my health. I set the intention to go to the gym every day for the month of August. Now, this was coming from the woman who had missed every single day in the gym from February – May and had just started going back in July. Initially, my goal was to workout for 21 straight days, because I’ve heard that it takes 21 days to establish a habit. I decided to take it a step further and commit to working out in the gym daily, with no days off for August.


In the beginning, I didn’t tell many people what I wanted to do, with the exception of my husband. I didn’t want judgments if I didn’t reach my goal. Every morning I woke up I told myself “you’ve got this.” During my workouts, I would remind myself “you’re stronger than you realize.” These little pep talks with myself helped, and by ingraining those positive thought patterns into my daily life not only has my mindset shifted, but my entire life has as well.

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I want to share the 3 ways that setting the intention to do daily workouts has shifted my mindset and how it has impacted my business.

I CAN do anything I set my mind to

This may sound totally cheesy, but honestly, I truly believe that I can accomplish any goal that I set for myself. I can’t begin to tell you how this knowledge has positively impacted my personal and professional life. Having a mindset shift is huge, and implementing the daily pep talks that I tell myself in the gym, into my professional life has been a gamechanger.

I feel incredibly accomplished, proud, and MOTIVATED

I can honestly say, shifting my mindset has me feeling PROUD. I’m proud of myself for setting an intention, believing that I could accomplish it, and freaking sticking to it. Shifting your mindset should make you feel like a boss – so own it.

A mindset shift is for you, but it impacts those around you

This is such a huge one for me. Shifting my mindset has had a residual effect on those in my sphere of influence. My husband notices it, my family sees that something is different, my clients have commented on how joyful I appear. You guys, this is HUGE. You mean to tell me that a shift in my mindset can have a positive impact on every aspect of my personal and professional life? What took me so long to shift?

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing I feel after changing the way I look at and approach mindset work. Not only do I feel amazing because of the daily commitment to my health, but I also feel more alive and will continue to implement what I’ve learned about mindset into my everyday life. Cheers to adding rest days into my workout routine for September. . .I can’t even begin to tell you how much my body needs it.

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