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May 31, 2018


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In the entirety of my career as an LA event planner, I’ve seen few things make as great an impact on brand loyalty as hosting an event. If connecting with your customers and audience is important to you, consider the following ways in which you can become important to them with your next event.

The Value of Brand Loyalty

According to The Loyalty Effect, brand loyalty is the driving force behind growth, profits and lasting value. With repeat customers spending 67% more than new ones (per purchase), what more could you want for your business? Brand loyalty plays a HUGE role in every stage of the customer lifecycle–it’s not just the final destination. From initial purchase to advocate, the elements that create brand loyalty have an immediate and lasting effect when done right.

Human Engagement is Key

In-person brand experiences are priceless.

An LA event planner is among the luckiest entrepreneurs in la la land. There really is nothing as rewarding as watching a brand expand its potential right before your very eyes. Though it may not be the initial goal, your event can double as a B2B matchmaking haven for you and your attendees. While some may walk into a room and see an event hoping for an open bar, I watch the magic of human engagement transform into profitable networking opportunities. Sometimes, it’s who you know and who knows you that can make a world of difference.

Brand Interaction  

Your business event will always be themed. That theme is your brand. Create ways at your next event for audiences to interact with your brand. This is why they came! So, that could be in the form of a contest that ends at the event, a photo activation that encourages Instagram and Snapchat pics with #YourBrand, or holding a testimonial booth where previous clients can rave about their experience with you.

Until now, your marketing plan has been a one-way conversation from you to your target audience. An event is their opportunity to join the conversation and feel like they are the reason you provide the products and services that you do. 

Trust & Transparency

Memes and hashtags are great. But an event is the opportunity for a customer to get to know you and your brand face to face.

I was so excited when THE CRÈME SHOP chose me to be their LA event planner. As THE CRÈME DE LA CRÈME OF BEAUTY, their event succeeded in showing their faithful online following that they are exactly who they say they are. Many influencers enjoy letting their brand speak, which is great, but sharing more about the person behind your business is how you gain and maintain brand loyalty.

Create a Dialogue

A Q&A panel featuring yourself and those who play a big role in your brand will create the perfect setting to build a trusting relationship with attendees. This isn’t just an opportunity to answer questions (which your guest will love and appreciate) but also to pay attention to what is being asked. If you listen carefully, many loyal customers will actually be telling you what’s important to them. Which, as you know, is everything. For example:

Question: “What inspired the packaging of your Winter eyeshadow palette”

Translation; Packaging is important to us and we want to know more about the story that goes into its selection process.

(Potential) Application: Include an inspiring story on the back of your eyeshadow palette.

An event provides many opportunities for customers to believe in you, your products and services. But, if you listen closely, there is plenty of takeaway for you, too.

Are You Ready to Change the Game?

Hoping and praying for Savvy Events to transform your customer retention? My team and I have witnessed time and again the incredible results an event has on brand loyalty. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we’re here to make it happen.

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  1. Rachel Rice says:

    I’ve always thought about how brand parties and engagement is so necessary and how I need to get on that!! Thanks for all of the info, I love all of these events showcasing different brands! 

  2. Lindsay Bishop says:

    So many great points here! I’ll actually be planning my first launch party for another business owner, and this has definitely given me some food for thought. Thank you for the helpful info!

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