Pinterest and Event Management: How to Bring Pins to Life




October 24, 2017


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Pinterest can be a wonderful platform for event inspiration. Ideas for weddings, parties, corporate events, and more can be found in droves on Pinterest. It’s easy to get excited about your upcoming event when you’re saving beautiful pins to your inspiration boards.

Here at Savvy, we encourage the use of Pinterest as a great source of inspiration. However, when you’re planning an event, whether with a planner or on your own, you should take care to use pins as a springboard only. Pins can provide great ideas, but imitating or replicating what you see on the platform can be a recipe for disaster.

We’re all familiar with the notion of a “Pinterest fail.” Ideas from Pinterest aren’t always as easy to execute as they may seem. Centerpieces, backdrops, or favors that you see on someone else’s planning board may not be within the creative repertoire of yourself, your team, or your event partners. Even pins that might be easy enough to bring to life don’t necessarily translate to the perfect fit for your event. These discrepancies can be related to the size of your event, its location, your theme, or any number of other subtle but important event elements.

If you are working with an event planner, you should not expect them to duplicate exact ideas from Pinterest. An event planner’s job is to use their expertise, creativity, and professional network to help you plan the event of your dreams. Planners help your vision come to life in ways you might not have thought of, and they can use their experience to suggest elements specific to your event that likely don’t exist on Pinterest.

Additionally, it’s critical that you get the particulars of your event figured out before turning to Pinterest. Make a list or talk to your planner about the most important aspects of the event, such as date, time, venue, and budget. Once you have those things settled, by all means, look to Pinterest and other sources of inspiration for ideas about how to spruce up your event. They can prove valuable additions to the great base that you have already envisioned.

Here are some areas where the use of Pinterest can really help your event shine:

1) Determine a theme

Pinterest is great for the earliest stages of selecting a theme. Browsing floral arrangements, tablescapes, and invitation suites can give you wonderful ideas for the direction you’d like to take. Best of all, many other platform users may have already created boards dedicated to the themes you’re considering, putting many great ideas all in one place.

2) Choose a menu

Pinterest is a great place to browse party menus and begin to get a sense for the sort of food you wish to serve at your event. Once you have a general sense of the menu, it’s best to confer with your planner or caterers. They can point you in the right direction as far as specifics.

3) Select the little things that make a big impact

Flowers. Favors. Color palettes. The smaller elements that make up a great event are usually the ones that come together to make it memorable. Pinterest can be a wonderful source of inspiration in this area. Boards exist for everything from corporate retreat favors to winter wedding favors. Dive in, fill your own boards and come to your planner with a few preferences in each category. They can help you figure out what is best in keeping with your theme and budget.

Pinterest is a wonderful platform because it’s filled with the ideas of an entire world of creative, innovative people! It helps to make planning an event fresh and fun. Using Pinterest along with careful planning and the advice of your event planner and event partners is sure to make your next event one your guests will never forget.

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