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April 12, 2016


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Happy Tuesday, friends!

When I first started Savvy back in 2009 I seriously thought that I could do any and everything on my own. I would take on massive projects that totally overwhelmed me but was too prideful to ask for help. This was truly a lack of leadership and poise on my part, I thought that asking for help would make me appear weak. Oh, and then there was the control aspect of things. If I were to ask for help and actually delegate tasks how would I have control over my processes?

What I’ve been fortunate to learn over the years is that delegating tasks and learning to ask for help has made my business more efficient, more profitable and function at a capacity that I never thought was possible. I had to start looking at delegating tasks and asking for help differently. It’s very similar to the event planning process. I’m great at my job – designing breathtaking events and executing them to precision is my jam, but can I also cater the events, arrange the florals, capture everything on photo and video, produce stunning stationery, etc.? Of course not! That’s why I rely on my creative team to manage the elements that are out of my realm of expertise. Partnering with amazing people ensures that my client’s and their guests have a phenomenal event experience. The same is to be said with growing my team – it’s a win win for my business, my sanity and for my clients.

Today I’m excited to introduce you to one of the newest members of Team Savvy – you’re going to love her just as much as we do!

4E4A1745-1Jessie Patterson
Event Manager

Kind, efficient and reliable. Those are the adjectives I would use to describe Jessie. She has been a part of the Savvy team since 2015 and brings a calm and focus to executing events. Client’s rave about her efficiency and ability to go above and beyond the call of duty. She’s a true gem and I’m seriously happy to have her to rely on.

I asked Jessie to share a couple of fun facts about herself – here goes: I love hints of gold, stripes, and chiffon. I hike, camp, and snowboard. I’m in love with city skylines, sunsets, and incredible panoramic views of nature. I prefer driving a manual car over a automatic. My favorite person is my intelligent, first nephew.

Why do you love event planning? I love bringing a clients visions to life. I most enjoy finding new, unique design elements for the client.

Photo credit: Tovicand Photography

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