The 3 Apps Our Event Planning Team Can’t Live Without




May 4, 2017


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Happy Thursday!

Managing our client projects as well as our internal team communication is a huge component of our day-to-day business. Many moons ago we were all about sticky notes, notepads, word documents, and excel spreadsheets – as technology has advanced, so have our business processes. Below we’re sharing the 3 apps that our team can’t live without.

Disclaimer: Savvy Events is not affiliated with any of these companies, all opinions are based on our personal experience using the programs*



Dubsado is a relatively new CRM (Client Relationship Management) founded by a husband and wife team based in Southern California. Although a newer CRM, the power, efficiency, and simplicity of the system is what made the Savvy team fall in love. We leverage Dubsado for managing:

  • Lead generation
  • Questionnaires
  • Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Templates
  • Canned Email Responses
  • Automated workflows
  • Bookkeeping

I mean, the list goes on and on. Our clients constantly comment on the ease of use how visually appealing the program is.

One of the many components that we enjoy is the client portal, which provides clients with password protected access for viewing all of their files, contracts, invoices, etc. One of the things that is truly impressive about the system is that the developers are constantly rolling out new tools that will further improve efficiency and communication with clients.

Dubsado offers amazing pricing, users can either pay monthly, annually or purchase their “forever plan” which is a one-time payment and you have access to the program forever. If you’d like to save 20% off of your first month, use our code: SavvyEvents.

All Seated


As a creative team, it’s important to visually see our client’s events during the planning process. Event diagrams allow our team to place decor, props, and guests to ensure that the flow of the room will be effective and comfortable. All Seated is a tool that we use to create diagrams to guide us, our vendor team, and clients through the planning process. In addition to building room diagrams, we can use the system for guest list management, seating assignments, timeline creation and to run reports. As much as we love sketches and renderings, our client’s are always happy to see a straightforward room diagram.

All Seated is completely free for users. What we love about the program is the ease of having new venues uploaded to their venue database. If you’re working at a venue that is not in the system, you simply email a blank floorplan to the All Seated team and they have it uploaded to their database. You can also build-out your own floorplans by inputting room dimensions.

G Suite for Google


At Savvy, we’re all about Google and using G Suite provides us with the ability to manage our calendars, e-mail communication (despite the nasty phishing scam that tried to hack millions of g-mail users yesterday – read more about that here), share and store documents (via Google Drive) and spreadsheets (via Google Sheets), as well as for Hangouts to conference with our clients and team. G Suite has been a serious lifesaver and if you’re a Savvy client, you have a special folder with all of our planning files in our Google Drive 🙂

G Suite for Google offers various price points and some of the features we noted above are completely complimentary with a personal Gmail account. If you use the business tools as we do, there are fees associated and they vary by company size and business needs.

What are your favorite systems for simplifying your event planning processes? Comment below and let us know. 

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