4 Ways to Spruce up Your Office Holiday Party




October 3, 2017


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An end-of-the-year office party is a wonderful way to celebrate a year of hard work and thank your employees for all that they do to make your business great! Office celebrations can get a bit of an eye roll at times—after all, who hasn’t been to the sort of gathering with stale cookies, awkward conversation, and a childish theme? I’m here to tell you that your next office shindig doesn’t have to be a drag! Here are 4 awesome ways to spruce up your corporate holiday party and make it one that is talked about for years to come.

  1. Don’t skimp on décor

All too often, an office party is nothing more than a catered gathering in the conference room. To take your bash from drab to fab, set aside space in your budget for some classy and festive decorations.

Nothing sets the tone for a gathering like candles, tasteful seasonal florals, or colorful table linens. Silver and gold decorations are wonderful holiday party options, as they exude a regal feel and aren’t holiday specific, helping employees of all backgrounds to feel included.

Work with your event planner to identify décor that will work with both your theme and the look of your venue. A gorgeous set-up will set the stage for an amazing party!

  1.  Let food work with your theme

All aspects of your event should coordinate to create a seamless experience for guests. Your food is no exception.

Be sure to articulate to your event planner exactly what your vision is. They can help you pinpoint a menu to match! Particularly around the holidays, people love to indulge, so be sure the menu is fun, unique, and delicious.

An excellent and creative meal is something that will be remembered—be sure to work with your planner and venue to arrange something extra special for your employees. Signature cocktails or theme-specific appetizers are a great way to kick the party up a notch.

  1. Use music to boost ambiance

The success of your party is all about how guests feel while they’re there. It isn’t your use of a specific linen color or particular charger that you want to stand out. All of these little details should be classy and beautiful, but should also blend to become a seamless, breathtaking experience for your employees.

Using music to emphasize your theme and the vibe you’re hoping to create is a key strategy in ensuring your office party wows your staff. Your DJ or band can work with your event planner to coordinate an excellent playlist that will suit your theme perfectly.  

  1. Provide entertainment!

Smalltalk, food, and music are wonderful as a base, but your holiday office party will shine even brighter if you offer employees a fun way to interact. Photo booths and games make great additions to a holiday party and get employees spending time together in new ways—ways that will actually benefit the company once the New Year starts and everyone settles in to get back to work.

For a photo booth, provide theme-related props and an exciting backdrop. Be sure to let your employees leave the party with copies of their favorite poses!

Games should be classy (no holiday word scrambles needed) and interactive. Lightly competitive games that jumble traditional office cliques are great at getting mingling going and new friendships formed. This sort of thing really boosts office morale and leads to great party memories!

And there you have it! Sprucing up your holiday office party may seem a daunting task, but if you follow these strategies and work closely with your planner, you’re bound to have the party of your dreams, and one that your employees always talk about—at least until the next awesome holiday gathering you plan! If you need assistance with planning your holiday shindig, don’t hesitate to contact us to get the conversation started. 

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