6 Reasons Why Fashion & Beauty Brands Need to Jump on The Pop-Up Scene




September 19, 2017


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Fashion and beauty related pop-up shops have been steadily gaining in popularity over the last few years. Taking a note from the food industry’s playbook of pop-up restaurants, retail brands both small and large started throwing their own events throughout North America, Canada, and the UK, among others. This world-wide phenomenon is creating buzz (and sales $$) and doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

So, what is a pop-up shop and why should you host one?

A pop-up shop is a temporary event at a unique location hosted by a retailer. These events are thematic, seasonal or otherwise “one of a kind” and their urgent short-term nature helps drive a crowd. A pop-up can have many goals like; product launch, product testing, inventory clearance, benefits parties and more. The event is usually immersive with branded decorations and food and drinks provided.

Pop-ups appeal to both large well-known brands and smaller online-only brands. Brands like Nike, MAC, Birchbox, Benefit, Kylie Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, and more have held recent pop-ups. They’re a great way to connect with customers on a personal level and can help blur the line between online and offline retail stores and product lines. So now that you know what a pop-up us, here are 6 reasons you might consider hosting one.

 Photo credit: Elizabeth Burgi | Makeup Geek Pop-Up Shop – NYC


1. Draw Crowds and Sales with Urgency: When talking about shoppers there is a marketing term called FOMO (fear of missing out) which means that creating a sense of urgency can lead to larger crowds and bigger sales. When people are invited to a special, temporary, event they are more likely to show up as a serious buyer. Offering an exclusive item that is only available at the event can also help put your pop-up over the top. 

Photo credit: Elizabeth Burgi | Makeup Geek Pop-Up Shop – NYC


2. Generate Brand Awareness: This is especially important for newer or smaller brands. If you operate an online-only store, a pop-up is a great way to launch with in-person sales without the commitment of opening a brick and mortar store. Pop-up events also have a high likelihood of generating viral social media attention, boosting your online reputation. Take this opportunity to educate potential buyers about your product line. 

3. Go Where Customers Are: If your brand is sold in one specific location, or online only, then a pop-up in a new location can help you expand brand awareness to new buyers. Choose unique places and spaces in an area that targets your perfect buyer. If you want to open yourself to new markets, being able to show up where they live and shop can help make the introduction.

4. Test New Products or Clothing Lines: This is especially helpful when you are launching a whole new line of themed products. Many brands use a pop-up of a way of stepping outside their usual box and trying new things without committing to adding them to their online website or storefront. Get up close and personal with your customers, let them try on the new products and get their immediate feedback.

5. Flush Inventory For Seasonal or New Items: Use a pop-up store to clear out your inventory before setting up for a new trend, season or holiday. A pop-up clearance sale can help you close the margins on unsold inventory.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Burgi | Makeup Geek Pop-Up Shop – NYC


6. Market Around a Trend, Holiday or Season: On the flip side, use a pop-up store to market your latest seasonal or event-based temporary products. You can create buzz for the start of the season and kick off sales. During the winter holiday rush, you could do a themed relaxing shopping experience, maybe even collaborate with complementary brands for one stop shopping.

By now you’re probably thinking that hosting a pop-up for your business is a pretty good idea. Pop-ups are pretty popular in the Los Angeles area where Savvy Events helps brands with their events, but regardless of where you’re located, you should consider meeting with your team to discuss the benefits of hosting a pop-up. An incredible amount of detail and planning goes into producing a flawless pop-up shop so be sure to start early, consult with an event producer who is well versed in what it takes to produce a pop-up, and create a cohesive strategy to ensure profitability.  

If we’ve convinced you to host a pop-up (yay! mission accomplished) take a peek at the highly successful pop-up we produced for online beauty brand Makeup Geek Cosmetics in New York City earlier this year. If we can be of assistance as you plan your pop-up event,  get in touch so we can chat!

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