3 Ways a Live Event Will Impact Your Brand

In a world where advanced technology and an online presence means so much to a brand, everyone seems to have forgotten the importance of face to face interaction. Ever consider the impact of hosting a live brand event can have on your business goals? The ability to talk directly to your target market and receive immediate feedback creates an outreach approach few are willing to pursue.

The uncertainty of whether to host a brand event often lies in the uncertainty of its results. Having worked with hundreds of corporations, influencers, and entrepreneurs across a multitude of markets,  I’ve collected three of the more prominent impacts a live event will have on your brand.

What is a Brand Event?

A brand event is the opportunity to create an in-person experience that integrates your brand message, products, and services. By creating a unique, meaningful, and authentic event, your brand suddenly becomes more than a logo. Allowing your potential customers and clients to interact and connect with your brand will build trust & transparency, increase your brand outreach, and open the door for more opportunities. Here’s a little more on how along with some of my favorite pro tips.

Builds Trust & Transparency

Like the foundation of any relationship, trust is the reason people become loyal to a brand. If you seek a long-term following, take the time to create a brand event that educates your audiences on who you are and the person behind your products and services. The business publication ” Customer Satisfaction Doesn’t Count”  points out that customers who emotionally engage with a brand are three times more likely to make a recommendation, three times more likely to repurchase, and less likely to shop around.

Pro Tip: Onboarding a well-known brand as a sponsor or bringing in a high-value speaker to your live event are great ways to leverage social trust. Also, be sure to ask your guests valuable questions to discover opportunities to meet their needs.

Increases Outreach

From epic social media posts to enticing email funnels, marketing an event can really put you on the map. Post-event outreach is even more exciting. With the ultimate event highlight reel, you will have plenty of media to share. Post your event highlights directly on your website to entice newcomers into attending your next brand event.

Pro Tip: Create a photo booth at your event that aligns with your brand. Encourage attendees to share their photos using your very own unique hashtag. #YourEventName #YourEventSlogan

Creates Opportunities

With the buzz of an upcoming event surrounding your brand, others in the market will have their eyes and ears open. Curious clients and customers will be doing what they can to land an invite. But, when it comes to attendees keep in mind quality over quantity. In order to create opportunities by expanding your network, create the ideal guest profile. Keep your standards high so you are effectively reaching those who will align with your brand in the long haul.

Pro Tip: A sign of a potential guest includes social media interaction. Pay attention to who is liking, sharing, and tagging your content. Positive online engagement demonstrates brand loyalty.

Hosting your first brand event can be intimidating, that’s why my team and I are always there to walk you through each step. Don’t let another year pass that you don’t have the brand following you deserve. Leave us a message today to get started on your next strategic move by hosting a live event.

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