Fun and Responsible: Why Keeping Your Party Green Matters




July 23, 2018


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When it comes to planning your events or party, all the minutia matters. From the meal to the venue, you want guests to know you have considered every detail. That also includes the waste a gathering creates, such as paper or plastic dinnerware, disposable decorations, and leftover food. Keeping this in mind, thinking of new and innovative ways to celebrate in style and stay green is important. Here are some ways to easily create an eco-friendly, fun, and responsible occasion.

Natural Materials

Tableware, such as plates, trays, straws, cups, and utensils, is often one of the biggest generators of waste, especially since many of them are unable to be recycled. However, there is a variety of environmentally sound options that will give your family and friends a dining unlike any other. Many of these products rely on compostable materials, such as wood and plant fibers or biodegradable plastics made from cornstarch.

The disposable dinnerware you’ll find today is elegant and versatile enough to fit nearly any theme you can dream up. There are different collections of recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable dishes that will suit your wedding reception, office party, family reunion, or other special event. Even if you are on a budget, you can treat yourself and your guests to this luxury, because many of the eco-friendly options — such as bamboo plates and cutlery — are available in bulk or wholesale, which can help decrease their cost.

Decorate with Care

Instead of buying pre-made decorations, why not find new and unique ways to decorate? Try repurposing things from nature that can be safely returned to the Earth after the celebration. For example, pinecones make great makers for place settings, just slip a card with the individual’s name on it between the scales. If your planning a fall occasion, use the beautiful red, yellow, and orange leaves to decorate tables or the wedding aisle.

If you are looking for more traditional decor, consider choosing festive and colorful cloth napkins to adorn your tables. These can be reused, which can increase the cost efficiency, especially if you love to host multiple parties. In addition, you can easily display your foods with decorative trays instead of using disposable ones. This adds to the ambiance and organization.

Collect and Compost Food Waste

Another way to ensure that your fun has a limited environmental impact is to collect and compost food waste. When food left on plates is placed within the recycling bins, it becomes difficult for materials to be sorted and often times the plates can no longer be recycled as a result. A quick and easy way to alleviate this problem is to collect uneaten food in bins and compost it, allowing it to naturally biodegrade.

Your family and friends may not even notice that the supplies are Earth-friendly. They’ll just love the careful attention you gave to creating an event that is stunning and rich with beautiful, natural textures and colors. And there is nothing more rewarding than creating an intimate party that is fun and good for the environment.

Blog post contributed by: Casey Pontrelli

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