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September 5, 2022


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A Foodie Fete for the BELLA+CANVAS X @Sad_papi Limited Run Merch Collab Event

If you’re one of the nearly 2 million “Papitas” that follow @Sad_papi on TikTok, you’re in for a treat here. Savvy Creative Agency was approached by BELLA+CANVAS about throwing a bash for their first-ever, limited-run merch collab. Today we’re dishing out all the event inspo from this foodie fete. Ready for it?!

Getting to Know BELLA+CANVAS & @Sad_papi

@Sad_papi, aka Brandon, is a TikTok chef and (literal) tastemaker who uses his 10+ years of culinary experience to whip up inspirational cuisine that is luxurious yet attainable for the everyday chef. He then shares the recipes with his followers, lovingly dubbed “Papitas”, to try at home. He’s all about living authentically and inspiring others to do the same.

Now, BELLA+CANVAS was a no-brainer for a merch collab because their tagline is “Be Different”, a motto Brandon very much encompasses in his life and content.

The Collab Event Vibe

The collab event took over BELLA+CANVAS’ Beverly Hills storefront and offered a bit of a speakeasy vibe by ushering guests out back to the private event space—which was their parking lot before we got our hands on it. 

We welcomed GRACE KTOWN as the DJ for the night, and she really knew how to set the vibe and get people moving around the space.

The lounge areas we created featured plush velvet furniture with metallic accents. And the bar was the focal point of the space with a greenery backdrop, gorgeous gold shelving to display options, and custom signage for the signature cocktail and mocktail of the night. Our goal was to have it feel chill yet elevated at the same time. The same vibe @Sad_papi features on his TikTok.

The Brand Activations

Of course, every guest walked away with a merch bag and had the opportunity to see, touch, and feel the super soft and cozy apparel. So, bags and merch were positioned front and center for guests to walk through in the store when they entered the event. Front and center placement are key for any brand activation!

Once guests entered the event space, they were greeted by a branded step-and-repeat for Insta-worthy photo ops that helped them create an exclusive experience for attendees to share.

The Food

You know that the food for a TikTok chef influencer collab event had to be mouth wateringly delicious and creative, right? Well, our caterer, TasteBuds, pulled out all the stops. They even went as far as to re-create some of @Sad_papi’s favorite recipes from his account, which was pretty epic.

So, we served up small plates and passed hors d’oeuvres that were easy to nibble on and mingle. Favorites included the croquettes fried to order with saffron aioli and steak-wrapped french fries. Yes, we know what you’re thinking, and we think steak-wrapped french fries should be served up in restaurants too. They were seriously good (and totally unexpected, which we love).

It was a seriously epic event, and we’re already looking forward to our next production with these two influential brands.

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