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September 5, 2022


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If you haven’t watched The Amber Ruffin Show on Peacock TV yet, y’all have to get on it. This remarkable individual was the first Black woman to be hired to the writing staff of a U.S. late-night network talk show (Late Night with Seth Myers). Since then, she’s gained even more of an audience through her innate prowess in writing hilarious sketches, her ability to entertain, and her capacity to have tough conversations without backing down. 

Did we mention she starts every show with a dance party and ends it with a margarita? 

Yes, every time. 

We can’t be the only ones who want to become her bestie with that approach to life and business. 

But, while her show is technically a comedy and is very uplifting in many ways (especially the way she starts and ends it), she still tackles systemic racism and how we need to come together to overcome it in our country. One of our favorite quotes by her is:

“The thought of someone believing you deserve fewer rights because of who you are is depressing. But then you realize that, by doing what you do every day, you prove to them you are unstoppable. They can spend their time trying to pass laws to take away your rights and silence your voice, but all you have to do is live your lives right in their faces, and it proves you simply cannot be stopped.”

Does this give you chills as it does for us? Black women are powerful, resilient, and ingenious; we can’t be stopped. 

With her spirit in mind, we knew the moment Peacock approached us to create a custom luxury mailer for the premiere, we had to celebrate this revolutionary Black woman in a way that encompassed her strength, worth, and individuality. So, here’s without further ado, custom mailer deets await…

There Was Nothing Laughable About This Custom Luxury Mailer

Each box was *almost* too pretty to pop. For the box itself, we took inspiration from a traditional jewelry box design, with a delicate gold clasp safeguarding the precious goods inside. On the official trailer for her show, Amber dons a purple blazer and bow with a little metallic shimmer, so that was the vision behind the purple and gold exterior of the box. You’ll also notice a paisley pattern, which she features in her signature (and, dare we say, iconic) bowtie collection, often. 

When recipients unsecured the clasp, they were greeted by a soft purple velvet-lined interior that served as almost a pillow for the treat inside. Each luxury mailer was home to a Hermes Twilly silk scarf in diverse colors from the signature Isola di Primavera prints. We tied it in a bow to match Amber’s style. But, one of the many reasons we loved this accent is that recipients can now use it to create their very own signature style. Whether they want to braid it into their hair or tie it around their wrist like a bracelet, they can make it their own, just like Amber does with her style.

Amber Ruffin exudes polished, luxe vibes which we infused into every aspect of the interior and exterior of this special package! 

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