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September 5, 2022


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Wazzup, Wazzup, Wazzup!
Martin: The Reunion, a Homage 30+ Years in the Making for BET+

At Savvy Creative Agency, we don’t take being a part of any project lightly. Especially when that project exudes the essence and importance of Black culture and excellence. So, when SCA was approached to design the mailer for Martin: The Reunion, which premiered on BET+ in June 2022, our participation was a no-brainer.

DeNeitra, our Founder & Creative Director, shared, “As a 90s kid, Martin was a staple in my home, and the cultural significance this show had on Black culture is unmatched.” 

About Martin: The Reunion

Martin: The Reunion featured Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold, and Carl Anthony Payne II reuniting on the screen for the first time in nearly 30 years. They explored the show’s evolution, including how they were one of the first shows, if not the first, to truly capture the authentic Black experience, not one written to meet society’s depiction of it. With a unique mix of sketch comedy and scripted sitcom content, they really altered the face of comedy for the next generation. Up to this point, there was really no other show that shared Black love, friendships, and family in an authentic, entertaining, and powerful way.

And, of course, they also paid tribute to the late Thomas Mickal Ford, Tommy, who played Martin’s best friend in the show. 

They were joined by special guests like Snoop Dogg, who said he watched more Martin than making music at that time in his life and how he respected Martin for making it possible for young Black men and women to be on a primetime sitcom. High praise (and not surprising, definitely a binge-worthy and powerful show)!

Iconic Mailer Inspiration 

The show’s impact on pop culture in the 90s was evident not only in music and slang but also fashion. We took the fashion piece as our inspiration for the swag inside! 

Each box donned the Martin show logo with its iconic geometric shapes and bold yellow backdrop that was always seen in advertising for the show. 

The mailer was designed like a drawer, so recipients could pull out an insert that held a surprise. Inside there was a custom-branded black Straight to Hell Bomber Jacket with the BET+ logo on the chest and the Martin: The Reunion show logo across the back. Along with some promo, collateral to generate hype around the reunion.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out! 

Celebrating & Elevating Black Culture is Our Jam

As a Black-owned business, participating in projects that celebrate Black excellence, Black culture, and Black progress is nothing short of an honor. If you have an upcoming creative project that celebrates Black voices, we would be thrilled to join forces. Let’s chat about your goals and how we can bring them to life in a really dope way! 

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