5 Party Tips for Your 4th of July Party

One of our nations most celebrated days is quickly approaching. Are you prepared!? 4th of July falls on a Wednesday this year, but that shouldn’t stop you from having all the outdoor fun necessary for your independence day celebration.  Here are 5 party tips for the ultimate 4th of July celebration.

4th of July Party Tips

Keep it Simple

I never miss an opportunity to go glam for my events, but the 4th of July may be the one time to tone it down. What do you think of when you remember some of your favorite 4th of July weekends?

There’s usually the one uncle burning hotdogs on the grill and everyone has a beer in their hand. The very essence of this party tip is to be comfortable and have fun. Skip the fancy centerpieces or over-the-top catering. We can do that later! For now, all the details shouldn’t distract from your guests feeling at home and having a good time. Plus, this makes for much easier clean-up (you’re welcome!).

Skip the Entree’s

Without a doubt in my mind, I can count on guests Facebook messaging me dying to know how I made my mini sliders, cake pops, cocktails, etc.


What does this tell me? Guests LOVE small bites. Mini everything it the way to go. No need for a giant pork loin or ribeye to be front and center. Instead, opt for a mini pulled-pork slider, melon-prosciutto skewers, and some drunken strawberries! No one wants to be weighed down by a heavy meal so, keep the trays full of minis comin’.


Save Money with Patriotic DIY Decor 

The only thing more common than the smell of a coal grill on the 4th of July is the red, white, and blue decor.

One of my favorite ideas is making an American flag backdrop. This is perfect to capture that ideal Instagram shot. You could go for the rustic look by painting a big piece of wood. Or, drape a red, white, and blue fabric backdrop. DIY is affordable, original, and can even make for a great conversation piece.


Keep Your Guests Cool

It’s likely to be hot on 4th of July and even more likely your party will include outdoor shenanigans. Here are a few ways to keep your guests from overheating.

Guests love umbrellas


Have plenty of seating. The only thing worse than being hot is having to stand through it. If you can’t have the entire gathering under a tent create cooling stations. These would include a large umbrella, chairs, maybe a few handheld fans, and a cooler packed with ice and drinks. Speaking of drinks, check out our summer drink recipes. We recommend using bright, fresh, and seasonal ingredients to keep everyone cool and maybe just a little tipsy. For kids (and adults) snowcones are a classic favorite that gives you all the best outdoor party vibes.

Bugs Arent Invited

Don’t have your guests smacking themselves due to the buzzing of uninvited bugs.  Spruce up your average citronella candle by filling large mason jars with patriotic colors and pop the tealight citronella candle right on top. If your party heads well into the night, toss some sage into your bonfire. Bugs, especially mosquitos, hate sage and smoke in general.

If you decide to have a buffet set-up, keep lavender arranged between the platters. Lavender adds a lovely floral touch, but most importantly, it’s delicate scent keeps flies from landing on the food. You can always go the traditional route and have sunscreen and bug spray available at the cooling stations. Guests will love the thoughtful little gestures.

You’re now ready to have the ultimate backyard bash for the 4th of July and the rest of the summer. Enjoy!

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