Create Brand Influence With an Intimate Event

Hosting a big event for your business is great, but I must confess– an intimate event is where it’s at! In a recent post, we talked about the impact human engagement has on building brand loyalty. I’d like to dive a little deeper into exactly how and why our LA event planning team encourages an intimate event that creates the most influence.

Small is Beautiful

If visual presentation is an important angle for your brand you’re in for a treat. Smaller venues are not only easier to fill with the perfect amount of decor, there is no waste of space. Every square foot serves a purpose. This is important so there is nothing that can take the attention off of your product and brand.

In a small space, attendees have a better chance of having an intimate experience with your products. Last summer, my LA event planning team held a product launch party for the makeup brand “Makeup Geek”. These beauty influencers wanted all the attention on the products. Naturally, every design and decoration was a soft ambiance that only enhances their makeup. It was no secret who the star of the show was.

We made it our goal to be sure everyone had access to makeup swatches and samples as often as possible. In a large event, sampling can be tricky and not as effective. Skip the chaos and allow your guests and your product to have sufficient bonding time…imagine the sales that could lead to.

Networking Quality Over Quantity

As the face of your brand, it will be less intimidating to be yourself at an intimate event. It’s basic networking math, the fewer people there are to talk to, the longer and more valuable the conversations had. Which brings me to things to keep in mind when creating your guest list. Depending on the purpose of your event this list could vary. But generally speaking for a successful intimate event, it’s important to be a little picky. Invite a balanced mix of support, potential clients/partners, mentors, and mentees. Consider who will add value to your brand, who will support you in the process, who will spread the word, and those who look forward to the product and look up to you.

Strong Follow Ups Made Easy

As your go-to LA event planning team, we will be sure to WOW your guests at your intimate event. But, the follow-up is on you.

Follow-up is an extremely important part of an event. In order to maintain the influence you and your brand have made, a quality follow-up will need to be more than just a single mass email. Your attendees spent time connecting with you and like any relationship, lasting connections require hard work, dedication, and loyalty. Remember, you’ve chosen high-value guests. So, your attendee follow-up will have mutual benefits.

Every Brand Can Benefit from an Intimate Event

From large corporate tech moguls, online beauty guru’s, and everything in between, I’ve seen the impact an intimate event has on their brands. Increased brand loyalty, positive brand image, increased sales–oh, my! Create brand influence, increase your exposure, and build lasting connections with your next intimate event.

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